Consignment Policy

Mondays & Thursdays, 10 & 11 AM and 1 & 2 PM


  1. Make appointments by calling 410-828-9343 or coming in person to the shop.
  2. Consignment seasons are: August thru December & January thru June; Each household may make 3 appointments per season at one time.
  3. Consignment appointments are 30 minutes in duration.


  1. Sale prices are split 50/50 between the consignor and the Surprise Shop.
  2. The duration of the contract is 42 days.
  3. Consignor earnings of $20 or more will be paid by check and mailed. Checks should be received by the second week of the month following the month of sale. (i.e. October earnings arrive by November 15)
  4. Consignor earnings of less than $20 will be paid in cash at the shop, Monday thru Friday between 10 AM and 4 PM. Please provide your consignor number.
  5. The minimum price for a consigned item is $4.00


  1. There is no minimum or maximum number of items per appointment, rather the time limit of 30 minutes determines the number of items processed.
  2. All items must be in excellent condition and include all parts (ie belts, buttons, cords, batteries, etc.)
  3. Clothing must be on hangers, CLEAN, not wrinkled, and of current style unless vintage. You may pick up hangers from the shop prior to your appointment.
  4. The shop does not take: safety equipment, used intimates (ie underwear, socks) used bathing suits, large furniture, single sheets, or used dust ruffles.
  5. Seasonal items (ie Christmas) are taken ONLY during specified dates which will be available when appointments are made.


  1. Unsold items become the property of the shop on the date the contract expires; Consignors must retrieve items 1 day or more prior to the expiration date if they want to keep them.
  2. You may request a tax slip for unsold items.


  1. Our volunteers may decline to accept any item they deem not up to our standards or which is currently overstocked.
  2. We take great care to safeguard your items. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
[revised January 2024]

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